LIBGUIDE Searching

Develop your keyword search string, using your country/region/culture, and specific topics and issues that will refine your results. Test different search strings in the five tabs in your Library Guide ( ). Cite one source from each tab used (getting started, finding articles, etc:) You’ll be graded on the quality of your search string and a CRAPP evaluation of the source you cite. For each database, describe the search string and process you used to get your results.

Searching using keywords can be hard, because you don’t know what you’re looking for yet! Think of different ways you can combine the elements of your topics, such as geography, culture, topic, time span, peer review, and issue. Use specific searches and time frames to get your search results under 100.
Specific issue 
examples: human trafficking, labor unions, capitalism, sweatshops, renewable energy, infrastructure, miltary coup, tsunami, economic growth, income inequality, European Union.
Use the synonyms and similar concepts you developed in your exploratory bibliography (apparel/garment/clothing/CMT/textiles). Different sources will refer to these issues using different terminology.

TAB: Finding Articles
SOURCE: PAIS International
-CAFTA and Honduras, 2005-2015, Scholarly Journals
-5 Results

*North American free trade agreement (链接到外部网站。);
*United States (链接到外部网站。);
*Honduras (链接到外部网站。);
*Business (链接到外部网站。);
*McConnell, Mitch (链接到外部网站。);
*Partnership (链接到外部网站。);
*Working class (链接到外部网站。);
*Obama, Barack (链接到外部网站。);
*Chambers of commerce (链接到外部网站。);
*Alliances (链接到外部网站。);
*Alarms (链接到外部网站。)

Cohen, L. (2015). Honduras, 10 years after CAFTA sounds the alarm on fast track and TPP. Social Policy, 45(1), 10ff. Retrieved from Proquest

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