Managing Cultural Synergy & Cross-cultural Negotiations

Answer the following questions using the APA writing style (i.e., do not use bullets, numbers, etc.). The maximum number of pages is 5, but the length should be as long as is necessary (i.e., do not force five pages).

Are certain types of organizations or certain types of people more likely to be successful at creating cross-cultural synergy? What variables might identify people or organizations better suited to synergizing?
What are some countries you perceive as having high-synergy societies? Low-synergy societies? How would you describe your own society?
How might your home country’s orientation toward high-synergy or low-synergy affect a global firm’s ability to achieve excellence in team and organizational level performance?
Discuss some of the challenges that a high-contextual person would have when negotiating with a person from a low-context culture. Discuss from the high-contextual perspective.
How does cultural synergy influence our answer in question 4? Why is the role of an interpreter in a business negotiation important?

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