Microbial Pathway of Sulfur Cycle

The Prompt is to write a research paper reviewing a topic in microbiology. It must include some in-depth description of some microbiological processes which may be a degradation pathway or function of a specific bacterium.

My topic is about the microbial sulfur cycle. I included a general outline below.
1. Decomposition of organic sulfur to hydrogen sulfide. (bacteria and fungi)
2. Two-step oxidation process which converts hydrogen sulfide to sulfate (Sulfur oxidizing bacteria)
3. Reduction or anaerobic respiration which converts sulfate back to hydrogen sulfide. (sulfur-reducing bacteria)

For these three reactions, please describe in-depth the overall reaction and the functions of microorganisms like sulfur-oxidizing/reducing bacteria through the reaction process.

I already have an introduction to the paper. So, please just start with the discussion of the outline.

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