motivation, Engagement

My work: This is a team work. and I only need to find 2 articles that talks about the employee motivation, engagment  or factors that affected employee’s motivation and write the annotated bibliography.

you have to use”Ibis World”. “one source “. “simple map”. or other type of website to find research articles.

The project topic : the current problem that “Abercrombie & Fitch” is dealing with is employee engagement. To solve this problem they decided to implement a motivational pie chart. Unfortunately it is not yielding the results they wanted so they have asked us to answer a few questions: Is this pie chart effective? How is it related to employee engagement? Will employee engagement improve retention? What are other companies using to analyze employee motivation?

Instruction from professor:  The annotated bibliography will contain citations (including page numbers) to about 10 good quality sources on the topic of your paper.  These should not just be the first 10 you find (Most should NOT be from Google type of sources.)  For each citation, a 2 paragraph summary (put in your own words, not cut and pasted from the article or abstract) of the primary information contained from that source must be provided along with how it will or will not be helpful for this project.

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