Notes to the Financial Statements & Management Analysis Memo based on the attached Excel Workbook

Notes to the Financial Statements: Your notes must contain the following:A. Create appropriate notes as year-to-year documentation for managing depreciation, supplies, and inventory. [ACC-308-01]B. Create appropriate notes for long-term debt [ACC-308-01]III. Management Analysis Memo: Your management analysis memo should explain financial information to management. Provide evidence from youraccounting workbook to support your ideas.A. Assess the companys financial health based on ratio analyses presented in the accounting workbook. [ACC-308-02]B. Compare ratio analysis to trends in financial ratios over time for illustrating their impact, providing examples to support your claims. [ACC-308-02]C. Summarize the effects of different compounding periods and interest rates on future value of money. [ACC-308-02]D. Discuss the impact of the pro forma financial statements for predicting ability to meet future expansion goals. [ACC-308-02]E. Identify potential issues in interpretation of financial information, providing examples to support your ideas. [ACC-308-02]F. Explain how alignment to relevant regulations and ethical reporting influenced your accounting practices and notes, providing examples tosupport your claims. [ACC-308-01]G. Describe the implications of inventory costing, contingent liabilities, and revenue recognition. [ACC-308-02]

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