1-Use Times New Roman 12 point font
2-All spacing should be single, do not include extra spaces between paragraphs
3- I already done the first part of the paper (introduction and methods) , I need you to write the •
A) Major results and outcomes- INTERPRET THE RESULTS as you present them. What do they mean? Do they support the hypothesis of the study?
B) Strengths and weaknesses of the study. Is this an innovative design? Are there alternative hypotheses to explain the findings? Can improvements be made to the methodology?
C) A comparison of the data to other papers in the field. The purpose of the comparison section is to help us understand how the data in your paper contributes to the field of study. A minimum of 5 studies from peer-reviewed journals. This should not be copied from the discussion of the journal article.

the major outcomes and the strengths and weakness are from the original paper only , the comparison paragraph is (comparing the original article to the other 5 articles) I will be downloading the articles and the description of the paper needed and how its going to be graded so follow them so you know what does the professor is going to look for in the paper

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