Partner Journal

Reading Includes 1) Creating Shared Value, 2) Confessions of Radical Industrialist Chapters 1, 2 and 4, and 3) Social Business – Turning Capitalism on its Head. I will upload these three eBook content.

To see the proper format, using Microsoft Word, open and print the file “Partner Journal Example” available on the course web site. This example demonstrates the format for Partner Journal submissions. A template (file name: “Partner Journal Template”) is provided for your use in creating Partner Journal submissions that comply with the required formatting:
• 1” margins on all sides of the page
• 1.5 line spacing in the Journal entry
• Your name and your partner’s name at the upper left of the page, then
• The number of the class session in which you will submit your Journal (Class numbers are on the syllabus in the Schedule.)
• The titles of the readings (or other content) addressed in your Journal
• Microsoft Word 12-point Times New Roman font or the equivalent when printed. (NOTE: Different software applications can have wide variations in what they print as 12-point Times New Roman font. Your printed class submission must be consistent with the required format as demonstrated in the “Partner Journal Example” file.

• Double-sided (also known as duplex) printing is preferred
• Your Journal entries must be 225 – 300 words. Feedback to your partner’s Journal entry must be 75 – 150 words. Use the word count function in MS Word to be sure you meet these requirements.

Use of the template is strongly recommended to minimize the risk of losing points for formatting errors. Use of the template does not, however, guarantee correct formatting. (Differences in computing platforms, operating systems, versions of Microsoft Word, etc., can have unpredictable consequences.) It is your responsibility to verify that the printed product you hand in meets the formatting requirements. Do not wait until the last minute to print your submission! Allow time to make corrections.

You will give a feedback to my partner after he finished, I will let you know when he done.


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