Peter Singers expos of the suffering of the animals that farmers raise for profit.

500-word summary or analysis of Peter Singers Down on the Factory Farm
The reading is attached in the file.
Double-space and single-sided.
Font type must be 12 pt. Times New Roman.
Put your name, your instructors name, the course name, and the date in the top left-hand corner of the first page. (Not in a header)
Insert your name and page number in a header in the top right corner.
Give your essay a title that reflects its theme. Center the title on the first page. Do not bold or underline the title. Use 12 pt. font only.
NOTE: You are not permitted to use sources such as a biography of Singer or a critical analysis of his work. If you include information from a non-prescribed source, you will receive an F.
DO NOT COPY phrases from electronic or print sources to compose your draft. DO NOT USE ELECTRONIC TRANSLATORS.

A leading statement that introduces Peter Singer by full name, the title of his essay Down on the Factory Farm, and identifies the focus of his essay;
Two quotes from Singers Down on the Factory Farm to support your analysis. See models in the .
A quotation and citation from Singers All Animals Are Equal to define sentience (All Animals 42) in support of your evidence that animals have the capacity to suffer;
A quote from James P. Sterbas Principle of Disproportionality to evaluate the ethics of raising animals for profit. Introduce Sterba by full name, put quotation marks around the Principle and cite by page number (232).
Two indirect quotes to quote the experts from whom Singer draws to provide evidence of animal suffering (Konrad Lorenz, Joseph Mauldin, and F.W. Rogers Brambells) and/or to provide evidence of the attitude of producers who raise animals for profit (Fred C. Haley). Identify the experts by full names IN the sentence and cite: (qtd. in Singer, Down on 23).
To increase the quality and complexity of your analysis, you may also include a quote from Greg Garrards Animals to discuss Singers employment of critical anthropomorphism (Bekoff qtd in Garrard 157).

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