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Final Project: Policy Analysis Paper Guidelines
In the Final Project for this course, due by Day 7 of Week 10, you are asked to apply your understanding of the major concepts presented in this course by evaluating a public policy problem and making recommendations.
For the Final Project, you will construct a Policy Analysis Paper. You will select and describe a decision-maker (at the local, state, national, or international level) who hypothetically has asked you to write a policy analysis on a public policy problem of your choice. You could choose a member of Congress, the president, a governor, a state legislator, a mayor, a city council member, or another official. Assume that the decision-maker is undecided about his or her position on the problem.
The Decision-maker is Mayor Rudy Giuliani and the Public Policy Problem is the “Stop and Frisk Policy” of the New York Police Department
Your Final Project will be approximately 15 pages, double-spaced. You will submit the Final Project in three parts:
The part one of the Project has been completed already. I need week 8 separate from the Project. Bascially, project (15 pages) and the outline of 2 to 3 pages stating what is said below:
• • Week 8: Final Project Abstract. Submit to your Instructor a 3-page outline of (a) three alternative ways to tackle the public policy problem you selected; (b) 10 scholarly resources that will inform and support your recommendations; and (c) your chosen recommendation to the decision- maker.

• • Week 10: Final Project (15 pages). Your Policy Analysis Paper should include the following:
o Executive Summary: Describe the public policy problem of interest to you, the scope of the problem, and a capsule summary of your recommended course of action. (1–2 paragraphs)
o Introduction and Problem Definition: Explain why the problem is important. Why should the decision-maker care about this issue? (1 page)
o Issue Analysis: Explain in detail, supported by scholarly resources, the scope of the public policy issue. You should describe the stakeholders (e.g., branches of government, interest groups, nonprofit organizations, media, the bureaucracy, etc.) connected to the problem. (3 pages)
o Proposed Solutions: You are not expected to detail every possible approach to the issue you selected. However, based on your research, select three or four potential solutions that directly address the public policy problem you selected. It is important that you explain which stakeholders would be proponents and which would be opponents of each policy alternative you identify, and why, and the implications of their being for or against the alternative(s). You should make clear to the decision-maker the complexities involved with each proposed solution you analyze. (7 pages)
o Policy Recommendation: Choose one of the alternatives to the public policy problem you selected and explain, based on scholarly materials you have examined, why it is best suited to address the problem. Be sure to address opportunities and challenges of implementing your recommendation given any relevant political, social, economic, or cultural considerations. Additionally, explain what, if any, social justice and/or ethical issues are impacted by your recommended policy alternative. (4 pages)

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