Prepare a short written paper on external analysis of Wells Fargo (I chose this company because it has relevant newsworthy issues today (undergoing fraud) – not from 2 yrs. ago).

Here are some of the highlights regarding what is needed to be done for the assignment. This analysis should be about 4-5 pages plus at most one page of exhibits or list of resources to support that analysis (6 is for references). I am not concerned about the format for resources, but please provide the url so I can access it if need be. In this short write-up you should attempt to identify and analyze the major issue in the case.

Use of the internet or other outside sources are ok for your written paper, but you must list your resources in your paper.

Include an opening paragraph that gives an overview of what the company is about.

Next is the Porter model analysis (please read through the text, Strategic Management an Integrated Approach, Charles Hill and Gareth Jones Cengage Learning (Houghton-Mifflin) – 10th ISBN 10 111182584 x, on the model and use it). Include High Medium Low where appropriate regarding bargaining power (suppliers & buyers), ease of entry and industry competition. Are they a consolidated industry or fragmented?

Don’t forget to include complements and substitutes along with answering the question – are there a lot or a little

Next is the macro environmental factors that applies to your company
• Social
• Demographic
• Marketing
• Technology

Position within the industry life cycle
• Embryonic
• Growth

Conclusions with your opinion on the top potential issues from your analysis.
• No Recommendations

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