Project management: Risk management

Project description
Develop a scenario for how work will progress on your project. Include the problems that may delay parts of your project. This needs to be sufficiently detailed so that you can update your project schedule in Project 2003 from this scenario.

Using this data, enter progress in your Project file. This entry should take you about half way through your project. Specific tasks should be behind schedule due to the risks that materialized.

For the tasks that are behind schedule, determine what actions you will take to bring the project back on track. Write a memo that explains how you complete the project in time.
Submit the Project 2003 file to your instructor, as an attachment.
Submit a memo in not more than 200 words as a Word file, to your instructor.
Added on 19.04.2015 21:25
Please see the attached documents that you will use to do this part. This is a project management course.
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