Psychological effects on rascim

Topic: Psychological effects on rascim
Using examples of:
a) Baldwin himself – working in the defense plant etc.
b) Community in Harlem
* Summarize and Analyze *
What happened to Baldwin in New Jersey –
Phase 1: Cafeteria
Phase 2: Movie theatre
Phase 3: American Diner and Restaurant
Phase 4: Back in Harlem
* realizes has same anger and rage as father does *
*What happens to Baldwin in NJ, Happens to every negro in USA* (anger and rage)

Psychological Effects :
– Repressed
– Depressed – Takes out on friends at home
– Solution (positive outlet)
(Page 107, Page 100 essential)
Example of consequences :
Positive – People coming together because of different groups (spiritualists, holy rrollers, methodists etc)
Negative – Crime waves, increase in racial conflict

Increase in police presence – but all white people and not well educated

In final conclusion use:
Union movement, womans movement
– What has been happening to african americans happening to world
African Americans effected by anti climactic movement
Racsim put vulnerable position for america

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