Regulations, Policies and laws

Write a two page paper, plus the title page and a reference page.Assignment Topic: Many regulations and policies and laws were developed due to a disaster or mistake or error where there was loss of life or injury or illness.Your discussion this week that ties to this assignment is to go find the initial event that lead to the creation of a policy or law or regulation that is specific to the reverse logistics industry.Identify the product and the history to what happened after the incident that changed a practice or cased the creation of new regulations.While many policies and regulations and laws were passed to support the supply chain or forward logistics of products and processes, the focus of your hunting or searching is one law, policy or regulation that clearly supports a reverse logistics operation. Some questions to consider addressing in this two-page paper are:How has that policy or regulation or law evolved? If it is fairly new, and has not evolved at all, how do you evolving on the next 10 years?You do not have to use the same topic you found in the . In fact, you can use the topic that was found by one of your classmates. Let them find the item. But then, you will have to do the research to track down the history and answer the question for this paper.

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