Religion in Syria

1-Post a one page list of sources (at least 3). This should include links or attachments when possible.The goal is SHARING this information. Please identify all of your sources and include a wide variety of sources

2- Do not simply present facts or regurgitate statistics. Any of us can read the encyclopedia. I need you to ANALYZE information. Why and how does what your presenting matter to us — in our quest to understand Syria?

3-Thoroughness (did you undertake a comprehensive search and use of sources, using open source intelligence? did you find information from government sources, media, academic articles, books, etc)

How does Religion effect or contribute to the war that is going on in Syria. Did it have anything to do with the beginning of the war? Does it have anything to do with the war right now?

Basically , discuss religion in terms of what is going on in Syria right now.

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