Review report of psychological state of consumer behaviour

Order Description

This assignment is related to the Consumer Behavior subject. It is about writing a report related to the Psychological State of Consumer Behavior. Students are required to choose one of the 5 psychological states mentioned below in the outline (check Assignment PDF), and to find 5 journal articles about that psychological factor in a specific sector. For example, if a student chooses Emotion in Hospitality industry then all 5 journal articles must cover this factor in this particular sector.

Important note:
***** For my assignment, I want it to be in the Motivation state in the Real Estate sector in Australia. This means all 5 journal articles must be related to Motivation Psychological state in Real estate industry in Australia.

Please follow the grading criteria that has been mentioned by the professor.(check uploaded pdf).

After finishing my order I would like the writer to send me all the references that have been used.

**** Please check all uploaded files because they are necessary to understand the assignment requirements.

I uploaded PDF with a list of Journals that can be helpful.

Please follow the given table for appendix for the Methodology part.

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