Scenario: Assignment 1: This is a discussion board. Does not have to be in essay format. Securing the data in a database is typically as important a concern as is the design. Research database security on the web, and then respond to the following. Discussion Board, My computer college class is on Introduction to Computing, Chapter 11 Databases

1. Describe a few security risks that databases must be protected against.

2. Describe some steps that can be taken to ensure that a database is secured.

Scenario 2: Assignment 2: This needs to be in essay format. Nothing fancy or long.

•Write a few paragraphs in response to the following questions. Be sure to apply some of the knowledge you have gained from the lesson. Introduction to Computing COSC 1301 TD002, Chapter 11 Databases

1. What are some benefits and limitations of databases?

2. Why is security a concern regarding databases?

Minimum requirements:

Three or four paragraphs.

Submit only one document.

Use complete sentences and proper grammar and spelling.

Your document must be one of the following formats (.doc, .docx).

Please Cite all sources.

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