Showcase gallery of three papers written already

the culmination of all stages, concluding with proposed strategies and expected outcomes for the scenario or situation you selected.

I will upload all papers already so you can combine into one strong piece.
2000- to 3000-word (approximately 710 pages) communication analysis paper, with an additional reference list of the sources you cite. Compile and refine each stage of your Course Project into one document that incorporates your final thoughts
how communication impacts relationships, and how I can use my understanding of communication processes to make group interaction more productive. I studied the role of communication in leadership and management of organizations. explored media theory and considered how I might use communication in social change.( these are the theories and studies we have done)
a comprehensive assignment that incorporates communication theories, application, strategies, and outcomes.
Please have one new source and use my sources I have already as references on my previous papers. Make sure you are technical with using concepts from the readings, from above.

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