Simulation Senario

CIWA Acute Alcohol Detoxification Assessment(please see attached template and previous paper to connect information)The purpose of this assignment is to plan and develop a valid 15- to 20-minute simulation scenario based on current evidence and integrating effective teaching strategies based on instructional and learning assessment methodologies. The following criteria must be incorporated into the simulation scenario and are included in the attached template:TitleSIM patient detailsEstimated scenario timeEstimated debriefing timeSeveral paragraphs that summarize the scenarioEducational rationaleLearning objectives and the scenario focused objectivesA list of the standards of nursing care that the simulation focuses on; you can use the NCLEX chart in your text, or national nursing standards such as BSN or MSN essentials.A list needed supplies and equipmentA description of the environment and the prior learning/skills neededA list and description of the number of students involved, their roles, and the instructor roleA list of the patient’s vital signs, cues, prompts, and details of the scenariosThe expected student interventions and the correct treatment using a SIM progression outlineSeveral guiding questions for the student during debriefThe story must be believable and must represent a realistic patient experience. The physiological changes in the patient must be authentic. Nursing interventions must be realistic and within the scope of practice, and represent best practices and standards of care. Family members’ reactions and behaviors must be represented in a realistic manner in response to the patients condition.It is highly recommended that you follow the simulation template attached or the outline presented in of the Jeffries textbook. You may use charts, tables, and graphics to convey meaning. This SIM scenario may be used throughout your program and in your practicum and culminating experience change project, if you desire.You may use the template attached to construct your simulation

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