social inequality

question is :
Critically discuss the following statement: “Both domestic and global inequalities highlight the inevitability and functionality of stratification”.

You must make use of the following 4 references plus additionally 8 more.

Emmison, M. (2003). Social Class and Cultural Mobility Reconfiguring the Cultural
3Omnivore Thesis. Journal of sociology, 39(3), 211-230.

Fevre, R. & A. Bancroft (2010) Dead White Men & Other Important People: Sociology’s big ideas. Palgrave, New York. Chapter 13. Pp. 191-208.

Hage, G. (2006) ‘Insiders and Outsiders.’ In Beilharz, P & T Hogan (eds), Sociology, Place Time & Division, Melbourne: Oxford University Press:342–6.

Henslin, J., Possamai, A and A. Possamai-Inesedy (2013) Sociology: A Down to Earth Approach, Pearson Australia, Frenchs Forest, NSW. (Please refer to the chapter on Stratification).

the essay should be 1500 words excluded the refrences page

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