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Assignment Brief

Concerned by the continuing, global, economic situation, the Board of a Trans-National Company [TNC]** has asked you to demonstrate how the effective application of Strategic Management could improve the strategic performance of such an organisation.

The Board has asked that you select an appropriate company for review and [whether or not that company is a TNC] to position both it and its key competitors on the framework in Fig.13.5**; then, to critically evaluate both your chosen company and its key competitors, before presenting your research findings – via a Portfolio of evidence, with a short, strongly-focused, Executive Summary.

The Board is known to be concerned that the term Strategic Management seems to have come to have multiple interpretations, for the TNC’s stakeholders; the Board is, also, known to have seen the:
• Bain & Company: “Management Tools & Trends 2013”
• [2013] Thinkers 50 ranking of `management gurus’
as, potentially, useful starting points for your research and for structuring any final Portfolio of evidence – but the Board does not wish to constrain your own final approach

The Board recognises that some aspects of research [e.g. GDP trends or an organisation’s profit-performance] may not vary, according to the researcher; however, it reminds you that this is an individual piece of work – hence, ensure that your Portfolio of evidence is clearly your own work and where any specific data has been researched with any others, make that clear [along with the relevant Student Number(s), on the relevant page of your Portfolio], whilst keeping the emphasis of each page on your own strategic analysis.

The Board would expect the Portfolio of evidence to contain detailed evidence and applied models that, collectively, both underpin and focus your central argument(s). The Board does, not, however, want a lot of generic material, personal views and/or description – instead, it is looking for:
• demonstrable evidence of holistic evidence/ argument(s), running through your Portfolio of evidence – per Solent Critical Thinking Method (Uploaded)
• the Critical Success Factors of your central argument(s) and a set of credible Recommendations to be clearly evident in your short, strongly-focused, Executive Summary.

The company I choose is : Ford Motor Company.

Please check all requirements

** using the definition of a TNC found at:
Johnson et al. (2011) “Exploring Strategy: Text & Cases”, 9th Ed., Harlow, FT/Prentice Hall, p.439 [available online via SSU Library Catalogue

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