Strategic Planning HR

Complete Worksheet B after reviewing the SWOT analysis, goal statements, and gap analysis from Worksheet A.2. Create 12 goal statements, 3 from each area within your SWOT analysis, that can be applied to the Learning and Growth (HRM side of the balanced scorecard):a) 3 goals statements from internal strengthsb) 3 goal statements from internal weaknessesc) 3 goal statements from external opportunitiesd) 3 goals statements from external threats Consider the following as you develop the goal statements: a) Keep in mind that the reason you are being asked about where your goal statement derived from is to help you see the progress of strategic planning from research, identification, ideas, and goals to specific trackable goals within the balanced scorecard.b) A customized table is available on the following page to help you organize your goals according to the balanced scorecard format. Complete the assignment within the table provided.

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