Take-Home Exam

Please answer the following questions, based on your course readings and postings, lectures, course discussions and your own readings:
1. Go online and search news and other publications about Telus (i.e. mobility, internet, TV and home phone services). Check out the company’s own Web site. What are some examples of primary and support activities that enable Telus to achieve success in the healthcare space? How do these primary and support activities contribute to Telus’ health business strategy? What are the benefits and pitfalls of investing in health for Telus?
2. What were some of the major strategic health IT initiatives in Canada in the last 5 years? What do you think were the underlying strategic imperative for these initiatives? Do you think they have been successful? Provide rationale for your answer.
3. The United States is considered a world leader in the electronic health record industry in terms of vendor electronic health record products that are from the United States and used worldwide (e.g. Cerner, Epic). Using Porter’s “diamond” framework for national competitiveness, explain the success of this industry. Provide examples where appropriate.
Important Information:
• Your answers to each of the above questions should be 2-3 single spaced pages in length.
• Please include all references.

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