tele nursing case study for nurse educators

Write a paper that addresses the following topics:
1.    Describe in detail what you will discuss with the learners related to the following sub-topics. Use these sub-topics as headings in your paper.
•    Using call system software to place calls.
•    Using information systems to review the patient’s medical records and chart.
•    Using information systems to record the outcomes of the patient calls, planned follow-up, etc.
•    Other information systems or technology that might be used in this situation.
•    Advantages/disadvantages of using telenursing in this situation.
•    HIPAA and confidentiality.
•    Licensure issues and liability.
•    Cultural aspects.
•    The patient-nurse relationship in the telenursing context.
2.    Describe and apply a model, theory, or framework about teaching and/or learning to the discussions you will have with these learners in preparation for their telenursing experience. You may select a teaching and/or learning model, theory, or framework that you studied in a previous course.
10-20 references

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