The economic and social impact of Romanized Characters implemented into Chinese society in the 1950s

8. Submit thehistoriographic essay(0-100 points):The main paper forthis course isa 4-5 pagehistoriographic essay, consisting of 4-5 pages of YOUR prose (that is, excluding title page, notes, and bibliography).This paper must argue a THESISthat makes a claim about change in historical interpretation over time. You MUST provide EVIDENCE for that thesis from the sources being examined.The evidence must appear as QUOTATIONS worked into your paragraphs in the form of DIRECTADDRESS.In this essay, review and explain earlier discussion by professional historians of thehistorical topic youhave investigated.You must review treatment in general works on the broader period you are studying, as well as in sources more directly related to the specific topic.You must analyze 15to 25secondary sources for this assignment. At least five (5) MUST be monographs (learned, detailed studies on a single subject/theme).This paper must be meticulously footnoted, indicating where various interpretations are to be found, including specific page numbers in the works of other historians.Look at the sample historiographic essays on the BOLT course website to compare ideas on how to set up the paragraphs and footnotes in your essay.Further description of this project, with rubric, will be posted on BOLT.If carefully done, an expanded, revised and improved version of this essay might be usable–even wholly useable–as a portion of your paper for Research and Writing (History 494). You MUST turn in the scanned notes you created/used when writing the essay, along with any preliminary draftsall together in aseparate filethrough that same link on BOLT

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