The Legal Context of Business & Professional Ethics

The Legal Context of Business & Professional Ethics                      2,000 word minimum

Resources to be used – Module 2 in e-campus, Units 4 & 5; the textbook; and a newspaper or journal article selected by the student.

For Module 2 complete the following five assignments worth 50 points each:

1. From the options of contract law, tort law, or statute law, choose one, then within that research one of its sub-topics (e.g. sexual harassment, dunning, cronyism, Ponzi schemes, etc.).  Find at least three sources, give them, properly reference them, and discuss the views or issues found there.

2.  In the concepts discussion on CSR, donating to non-profits was given as the primary way to fulfill a company’s commitment to the contemporary model for CSR.  However, there are other options.  Go online and find an example (or examples) of another approach, i.e. one other than handing cash to a non-profit.    Present and discuss your findings, giving proper references to your sources

3.  In the discussion on social justice theory, the managerial definition of social justice is given: we the business community have an ethical responsibility to be creating good equal opportunity jobs.  But most people see the government as responsible for job creation.  Compare and contrast Milton Friedman’s CSR views with the managerial definition of social justice.  Properly reference any sources used outside this module.

4.  Your textbook has a large number of articles that deal with the problems created by poor corporate governance.  Choose one, present an overview of it, and identify and briefly discuss concept/themes in the Governance discussion that apply to the article chosen, showing how they relate.

5. Find and present a newspaper or journal article which in some way touches upon one of the themes or topics which appears in this module.  Give your own views on the topic

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