There are six questions about the case:

1- Describe the success enjoyed by Disney’s first international expansion initiative, Tokyo Disney Resort, and the challenges faced by Disneyland resort Paris? How do you account for the significantly different results?

2- Using Professor Brannen’s concept (Case; Exhibit 2; page 15) of recontextualizing strategic assets i.e. products, practices and ideologies, did Hong Kong Disneyland have an advantageous ot disadvantageous position in undertaking this venture? Support your answer using details from the case?

3- What did Hong Kong Disneyland do to ensure the success of the park? Evaluate the structure of the deal with the Hong Kong government, the competition, marketing, operations, human recourse management and cultural responsiveness.

4- What problems did Hong Kong Disney experience? How did they attempt to resolve them? Where these attempts successful?

5- The case concludes by listing the pressures facing the management team to “turn thing around.” What would you recommend to them as you reflect on what you have learned from out text book about global management, culture and the external environment?

6- How can the experience gained from running Hong Kong Disneyland help the Walt Disney Company make prudent decisions about the further expansion into the china market? As a management consultant, what might you recommend to them?

Please do not write more then 3 pages.

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