Tips for writing a personal mission statement

Tips for writing a personal mission statement

Your aim should be to keep the statement concise while giving enough detail to make it unique. The statement can be written in two sentences, which helps keep it brief and to the point. Here is a sentence-by-sentence breakdown to make the most of this short, concise statement:

First sentence: Simply state the field you want to work in or the specific job you want to have. For instance, you may write that you want to be an insurance broker for a large insurer or a mechanical engineer at a top company.
Second sentence. Explain your reason for setting the career goal in your first sentence. Perhaps you want to make improvements to how insurance policies are sold to young people or develop new technology for the oil sector.
When you are finished, review your completed statement. It should clearly point to your career goal and say why you want to get there. If it needs more specificity or clarity, revise it until the two sentences clearly explain what you want to achieve in your career and why.

Review it every day. Write your statement on an index card, and keep it in a prominent place you can see it often. If you work in an office, it could be on your desk. Alternatively, you may choose to display the card somewhere at home so you see it when you get up in the morning or do work tasks from home.
Rewrite your statement. Depending on what your new goal is, you may need to either partially or entirely rewrite the statement.
As your career progresses, you may feel the need to write a new statement to outline your next goal. The techniques in this guide can continue to be useful as your career progresses and you want to make more changes.

Personal Mission Statement Instructions

After you complete the mission statement, generate two paragraphs describing the characteristics, attributes, and values you drew upon to develop it.

Write the name date, CRN, and assignment, on the top left side of your paper. Double-space, type, and center, your mission statement. Use the two paragraphs to explain how you came about your mission statement. Make sure your explanation includes answers to the following:

Do you currently engender the characteristics, attributes, and values you describe, or do you observe them in someone else and hope to develop and cultivate them at some point?

Tell me how you know you already have these qualities, or
Tell me how you intend to develop the qualities and what you will do to cultivate them. is a link you could use for a source)

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