Topic: purchasing and supply chain management(cases are provided)

plz use resources within Aus
plz use journal articles
plz do not use E-book
plz select case among 3 cases
plz focus on answering the questions and finding problems
in detail;
You are required, along with your group members if you choose to form one, to critically analyze and review a case. The report should discuss the purchasing and supply management activities of the case and summarize your findings into a report of 1,500-2,000 words.
There will be three cases provided for you to choose from. Additional cases can be used subject to approval. The report should demonstrate understanding of the tradeoffs in the relationships between money, information, goods and services in the context of supply networks as systems. It is important to check the learning objectives provided in this document and align your report with these learning objectives:
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the major elements, concepts, principles and legal, ethical, sustainability and social responsibility issues in purchasing and supply management.
Demonstrate, through class discussion and case analysis, the ability to appraise and critique various means used for the obtaining of contracts, supplier performance monitoring and measurement, supplier relationship management, contract renewal and termination.
Demonstrate, in writing, the ability to choose and assess the purchasing and supply management strategies and processes in the public and private sectors, and propose potential improvement strategies and implement actions.

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