Undetermined Religious Backstories within The Female American by Unca Eliza Winkfield

Write a review of the article- Given the nature of the assignment, you will need to utilize the first person voice in places; however, you should maintain a professional tone that addresses an audience of scholarly peers (not an instructor as an assignment). Organize the information you gathered from the questions above into a 4-5 page essay. Your purpose is both to summarize and evaluate-

Summary: be clear as to the purpose/ assumptions/ and evidence given in the article. Make sure you identify how the author justifies the publication as adding to previous knowledge- what’s new and why is it important? From what previous work does the author build?

Evaluation: respond to the argument- not with a “This is as really good article” but with specifics as to how it can be useful (or not). Critique any holes in the argument and places that are under-substantiated as well as places that you found strong. Include other sources mentioned that may be useful for further research-etc. What kind of project would this article be useful towards and why?

Finally-be sure to give proper citation to quotes as well as ideas put in your own words in parenthetical references and give a full MLA reference at the end of the paper.

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