Water, Water Everywhere: Hydrodynamic Power

The QEP Research Paper for this course will follow the model for making decisions based on identifying assumptions, weighing evidence, and applying a point of view, while considering the Saint Leo University core values of responsible stewardship and community. In this course, each student will make a decision about the viability of an energy source as a component in the overall energy landscape. You or your instructor will choose the energy sources you will consider. The instructor will either assign you a topic or let you pick your own topic from the list below no later than Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST/EDT of Module 1. The list of topics for the QEP Research Paper is listed below.
Students are to choose one energy resource from the list of assigned topics.

The QEP Research Paper (5 – 10 pages) is to be generated by each student. Each paper is to include the following: an overview of the energy resource, the principles behind its energy generation and use, and the groundwork for the selected energy resource that will allow the US to one day achieve energy independence from fossil fuel imports.

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