What is the role of the manager in working capital management?

What is the role of the manager in working capital management?
Can just-in-time inventory work in public service organizations? Why or why not?
What are some of the principal impacts that the Sarbanes-Oxley Act is likely to have on not-for-profit organizations that decide to follow the provision of the law?
The fire department expected to spend $100,000 in April. Actually, it spent $108,680. The department thought it would pay each member of its team of firefighters $25 per hour. However, it paid them each $26 per hour on average. The department expected that the team of firefighters would work a total of 4,000 hours and fight 100 fires. Of course, many hours the firefighters are on duty in the station house between fires. Those hours are considered to be worked and the firefighters are paid for those hours. The actual results were 4,180 hours worked by the team of firefighters and 110 fires fought by the department. What was the total variance? What were the rate (or price), quantity, and volume variances? Which variances were favorable and which were unfavorable?
Last month, the town of New Hen established a Parking Enforcement Unit (PEU) to write parking citations. New Hen budgeted $3,600 for the units first 30 days, and estimated PEU officers would write 50 citations per day in those 30 days. In addition, New Hen estimated that officers would work 12 minutes per citation written. In actuality, PEU officers wrote an average of 45 citations per day and worked 15 minutes per citation written. New Hen also paid PEU officers $0.40 more per hour than budgeted. Calculate the volume, quantity, price, and total expense variances, and indicate whether they are favorable or unfavorable.
What is the connection between the balance sheet and the fundamental equation of accounting?

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