WLU WS Response

This is the recording of the videos we are to write on :https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwkVJ-QDofyb5Bqtv6KFPU3M6iHuXol4g&fbclid=IwAR11qS3XHBeHZuCr458HUm1gyVlekSj8WWuHNmwBC5a6E-K55bNNgsc14EI&app=desktop There are four video recordings. The recordings will be made accessible you in the first few weeks of the course. Three are with two women who have been close friends for more than 50 years. They have accompanied each other through difficult times. Both have lived long lives of social activism and won awards for their work, but you will notice that none of this as much as I pressed them were what they needed to speak about to each other. They both new the recordings were for you, but they hadnt been able to come together for months so they are about friendship in hard times aware of their own death, the pandemic, being forgotten. The recordings arent easy to hear always because of masking and because their voices are soft. Please understand that these arent thematically organized. The fourth recording is with a young woman who has two young children. She too is assessing what it means to be a mother and the social biases she faces. In all these cases I am asking you to be aware of how we have to take time to hear voices and how we have to be aware of easy it is to put people into categories and confine their identities. This requires you to write 750 word response, that draws on all four conversations and what you learned about biases, stereotypes and how we must individually choose to move outside othering. How we must learn to hear without judgement and why this is critical for justice and democracy. This is a thoughtful response piece that does pick up on what we are speaking about on how systems of power are put in place for those of us with privilege so that we can ignore the lives of others who do not have the economic, social, political security those of us with privilege have.

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