Write a brief description of the objectives of a proposed study that addresses the question, what will this study accomplish?


As the project manager for the strategic relocation project of NCUONE-CCS and delineating the strategic plan for internationalization for managing diverse and remote groups, you will develop a full research proposal on project leadership management framework for NCUONE-CCS. This plan is part of the initial planning of the PMO to handle big and international projects.


For this assignment and using the proposal written in week 7 (along with your instructors feedback), you must develop a PMO strategic plan for NCUONE-CCS as part of the initial planning for the management of large international projects.

Your strategic plan should contain the following elements:

Formulate a problem statement related to cultural contrasts, international laws, and regulations to consider when negotiating procurements or contracts to conduct projects overseas, and theoretical constructs as a result of your research. The problem statement should reflect a gap between leadership theory and practice in project management, as documented by your literature review. Be sure the intended purpose of your research addresses that gap and results in suggestions for improvements to project management leadership research and practice. Your plan should reflect proper alignment between the different elements, and you should suggest a specific context (organization, type of organization, or project), as well as participant profiles (project manager, senior leaders, etc.).
Develop a research purpose statement that is aligned with the problem statement.
A purpose statement is a brief description of the objectives of a proposed study that addresses the question, what will this study accomplish?
You do not have to select a particular research method, but you should make sure your stated purpose directly addresses the problem you just formulated. Say, The purpose of the proposed research is to XYZ, where XYZ illuminates or addresses the stated problem in a meaningful way.
Note that the purpose of the research is not to definitively solve a given problem but to add new knowledge about the problem and its possible solutions. All social research is incremental and aims to add a little bit of new knowledge, angles, and ideas to existing research, theory, and practitioner knowledge.
Formulate your purpose statement, and then add a brief paragraph in which you suggest ways the research purpose could be achieved.
For example, what organizations could you study? Who might participate and provide valuable insight into the problem and its solution? How might you collect data? This information will require you to think about research in a practical way.
Propose a strategy for the establishment of a project management office (PMO) to oversee and manage international projects, as well as complex internal projects, with organizational structure, and resources needed.
Propose the mission and purpose of the PMO aligned with NCUONE-CCS strategic plan to expand its operations nationwide and overseas in 5 years.
Include details of resources and tools (including software) that will support the office operations to support the organizations projects.

References: Include a minimum of 5 scholarly resources

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