Write a research paper on19th century art history Immanuel Kant.

The goal of this assignment is to have you make the connection between art and ideas. Select one thinker (IMMANUEL KANT) from the 19th century. Examine that individuals concept of art, beauty, reality. Attempt to connect that persons ideas with an artist from the 19th century. Explain the connection. Explain how that artists work manifests the thinkers ideas. It may help the connection if you think in terms of the larger intellectual categories we have/will examine: neoclassical, romantic, Christian, Nazarenes, Realism, Impressionism, Post-impressionism.

You may approach this in different ways: does the artist follow the thinkers ideas preceisely? Where does he not follow? Is the artist critical of the thinkers ideas? How? Or perhaps they are opposites and your comparision will bring out the contrasts. Choose a direction to aim at. Remember: you will not find, generally, an explicit connection. This is for you to make and develop.

Finally, youll want to offer some sort of qualitative comment upon your research. Are the thinker and artist on the right track? Do they offer a good view of reality? Is what they suggest substantive? Meaningful? Humane? Rational? Silly? Vulgar? Dangerous? Contradictory? Dont whimp out – take a stand and defend it.

General Requirements:
7-8 typed, double-spaced pages.

Title, name, date on first page of text.

Bibliography and documentation. Any format but be consistent.

Use at least three non-text sources including one journal. (UCA has some, too.)

Use normal margins and 12pt font.

Spelling and grammar do count. Proofread or get someone else to proofread.

Follow any recognized format and be consistent.

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