Write information about federalism and the power-sharing relationship between Texas and the national government.

Discussion 1, Discussion 2, and the Term Paper are linked series of assignments aimed at guiding you through a process of producing a quality paper that analyzes and evaluates Governor Abbotts call for a convention of the states for proposing numerous amendments to the US Constitution in his 2016 Texas Plan. Discussion 1 requires you to post an outline of your paper and receive constructive commentary from classmates. In Discussion 2, you will post a rough draft of your paper and receive further comments. Finally, use the feedback you have received to produce a final draft of your paper, which you will submit here.
Complete Discussion 1 and Discussion 2 by the due date. You will find specific instructions for these assignments on the discussion board after the forums become available (See the syllabus schedule for availability and due dates). You will need to study the provided sources below as you complete these preparatory assignments, so refer to the following instructions while crafting your outline and rough draft for Discussion 1 and 2.
STEPS FOR ACCESSNG REQUIRED SOURCES AND CONSTRUCTING YOUR PAPER Step 1. Become familiar with the Texas Plan, found at:
Pay particular attention to pages 1-8 and 65-70. Be sure to know how the intervening pages provide specific justification for the necessity, as the governor sees it, for a convention.
Step 2. Review the following sources for criticisms of the plan and information about the US Constitution and federalism. These sources provide the material needed for your paper.
This site offers perspectives from the political Left and Right:

Texas Has a Plan

This site offers additional criticisms of the plan:
Your textbook is a source of information about federalism and the power-sharing relationship between Texas and the national government.
Step 3. Using the above sources, consider the following issues for inclusion in your paper:
Did Governor Abbots call for a convention have merit?
Did the criticisms of his call for a convention have merit?
Step 4. Prepare your outline, your rough draft, and the final draft of your paper. Remember that the instructions call for your analysis and evaluation of the call for a convention to address proposed amendments to the US Constitution. Dont just simply restate the arguments of the plan or its critics; I want to see you explain, compare, and evaluate their thoughts. Do not quote these works unless necessary; instead, paraphrase and cite your source.
Open with a brief introductory paragraph. Include a clear thesis statement.
Paragraph 2 should summarize the governors rationale and justification for a convention.
Paragraph 3 should summarize the rationale and justification for opposition to the call for a
Paragraph 4 is your analysis of the arguments for and against the holding of a convention.
Paragraph 5 concludes your paper with your assessment as to whether or not the 2016 Texas
Plans call for convention of the states was or remains necessary and appropriate. Be sure to provide justification for your assessment.
Your term paper must:
Be formatted according to MLA guidelines, utilizing in-text (parenthetical) citation techniques
Be double-spaced with 12-point font and 1-inch margins throughout
Be no less than 500 words not including the Works Cited page
Demonstrate analytical (e.g., differentiate, categorize, question, explain) and evaluative (e.g.,
argue, assess, judge, rate, critique) abilities
Include a thesis statement (in the first paragraph) that clearly states your papers main idea.
Include evidence/information (in body paragraphs) that clearly develop and support your thesis
Additional Information:
Your paper will go through the SafeAssign program to check for plagiarism.
The PJC writing center is available to help you with this or other writing assignments.
Additional sources may be incorporated into your paper but are not required.
Consult the rubric for specific grading criteria. Review the rubric by selecting view rubric
under Term Paper in My Grades.

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