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the subject of this lesson is business strategy ,you must find the journal article ,the title is : Khanna, T. & Palepu, K. (2006). Emerging giants: Building world class companies in developing countries, Harvard Business Review, October, pp 60-69.
You are required to write a critical review of the following journal article.


a. You are to summarise and evaluate the given journal article. This should involve reading the article in detail and at least 6 other academic references so that you can present a fair and reasonable evaluation. 

b. You should write the critical review in the form of an essay that includes the following elements:
-Introduction 
– Summary 
– Critique
– Conclusion
– References

c. Formatting: 1.5 line spacing, 12-point Arial, double-side printed.

*you must search at least 6 journal or more articles to support this essay.

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