Writing from scratch

The purpose of this assignment is to get you thinking about your expectations of marriage/partnership. Most people enter into marriage/partnership having certain “unspoken” expectations-thinking that our soon to be partner has the same expectations. For example, let’s say Alex and Mandy are planning to get married. Alex has always wanted children, and he assumes Mandy feels the same way. Mandy on the other hand has no desire to have children. Alex is making an assumption, Mandy is making an assumption- with no discussion. Once married, the topic comes up……… This is true of so many things- from taking one’s last name, finances, careers, etc. Therefore, it is always a good idea to know what your expectations are, and what your partner’s expectations are PRIOR to getting married or entering into a union of some type. When people are planning to get married, it is always a good idea to discuss as many issues as possible- a marriage contract is a great way to see what each person expects. When each partner does one separately, then they can come together and compare, discuss and perhaps compromise on some things. If you are divorced, widowed or already married then the way you can approach this is by setting up the contract the way it was (or the way it is) in your marriage. Then, in your summary paragraph you can discuss whether your expectations prior to marriage were met, what challenges and/or unexpected expectations did your partner have that you were not aware of until after you were married, etc.

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