Activate Students’ Memory to Learn

My topic is Activate Students’ Memory to Learn
The below is the instruction you have to follow
Looking at the points assigned, you should realize how much this paper is weighed and how much you are required for this paper. Your term paper will consist of an explorative literature review and theoretical framework that examines a topic of interest paired with at least one of the learning theories in this course. For example, you might choose a broad topic, such as “Application of Learning. Theories in Museum Education.” Alternatively, you might choose a narrow topic, such as “Learning Theories Supporting Asynchronous Computer-Mediated Discussion.” You may also choose one learning theory, such as “Student Motivation in Problem-Based Learning.” Having completed reading of Driscoll and Mayer, definitely, you will be able to write this paper of a high quality. Do not wait until the last minute for the topic for your paper. Wise students always plan ahead. You should have already had a marvelous idea about your paper topic during the chapter reading and discussion.
Details: Papers should be written in the APA format and be kept within 10-15 pages (references excluded). A variety of references is expected and the vast majority should come from peer-reviewed
Note 1: Your paper will be graded based on what you have decided to discuss and the contribution you are attempting to make through your discussion. In other words, seek to move beyond summarization toward a synthesis of ideas that leads to something new.
Note 2: Something that is always important to remember is that instructional designers are a practical bunch – we will always look for applications. How can the concepts and ideas that you are presenting be used by the instructional designer? Make sure to include a section that involves applications.

i’m international students , for that plz use easy words . and make the idea very clear. write about the topic thoroughly.

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