analyzing a short fiction

Here is what my professor told me “The goal of this assignment is to effectively teach your classmates about the fictional story youre assigned in a compelling way, then to summarize what youve taught us in a group paper that you will turn in with your project. Make sure we are familiar with the necessary terminology, that we understand who the characters are, when the story hits its climax and what the overall narrative arc is, what the underlying themes and messages are, among other things. We will finalize our projects and you will receive guidance on how well be sharing them after class on Monday, April 12.”

So for this one the short fiction my professor assigned me is “The Barber’s Unhappiness” by George Saunders. Pdf of this can be found in google. The format of paper is not really given yet but for this one please just give me a summarized and analyzed paper of this short fiction must including: 1. literary techniques used, 2. The narrative arc of the fiction (introduction,setting, rise and climax and resolution etc) 3.The underlying themes and messages 4. Characters and some explainations 5. Short summary.

It doesnt have to be in a paper like format it can just be in a bullet point or sth but plz put some details. thanks.

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