What were the major arguments of each of the readings?

students will need to write a short literature review (approximately 1,000 words) on the assigned readings for the week. Again, students should go beyond simply summarizing the material, also offering their own analysis and critiques. A thematic (rather than sequential) approach to covering the reading may more effectively accomplish this. Outside research beyond the course readings, although not required, is encouraged and may help you support your argument. Proper citation style of all referenced materials is requiredsee additional information on this below.
Evaluation Criteria:Evaluation criteria include the following:
Comprehensiveness What were the major arguments of each of the readings? How do they relate to each other, e.g., support or refute each other?Critical Thinking What are the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments presented? Are they compelling? Is the data presented in support of the argument sufficient? Can you think of cases beyond those covered in the reading that supports or contradict the main arguments?Quality of Writing clarity, structure, grammar Following Instructions use of scholarly sources, citing where appropriate, following formatting guidelines

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