Capitol Outlays

There are many items that need to be included in a budget while developing it. While 80%–90% of the budget is made up of items comprised of salaries and fringe benefits, capital outlays also form a large part of the budget.

In a postsecondary institution, items such as technological equipment, furniture, and building materials are included under capital outlays and can be more costly than some fringe benefits. Budgeting for these items is imperative in the budget process.

In this assignment, you will discuss items that comprise capital outlays and how a postsecondary budget is built when long-term plans for capital outlays are considered.


Post your responses to the following:

As you look at a long-term budget plan of a postsecondary institution, why is it important to plan for items considered as capital outlays?

In some states, capital outlay projects, such as buying technology, have restrictions. Are there any restrictions on capital outlay projects in your state? What are the consequences of such restrictions? (My state is Texas).

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