College Budget

In developing a budget for a postsecondary institution, there are expenditures that can be controlled when the need arises. However, in some cases, reducing certain expenditure items may be difficult. In addition, such reductions cause anxiousness among the affected people about their jobs and benefits. Therefore, you need to be very careful while making such reductions in the budget.

In this assignment, you will assess ways to reduce expenditures in the budget process.


Secure a working budget from a postsecondary institution in your state (Here is the link to the one that I have selected:

Imagine that you have been assigned to develop a research paper that discusses expenditures that the institution has control of when reducing this budget. Research information to find out how each expenditure item included in this budget will be controlled.

Prepare a 3 page paper to make recommendations for reducing the budget. Address the following questions:

From the expenditures in the budget, which expenditure is most difficult to control?

Who should be involved in making decisions on reducing the budget?

Which expenditures will present challenges for those preparing the budget? How can you overcome these challenges?

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