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Guideline on doing cases
MKTG 460- International Marketing

Read the case assigned to your team carefully. Analyze the materials presented in the case. You may use the questions asked at the end of the case to guide you in this analysis if the case writers include a set of questions at the end of the case.

You should be able to identify all the major issues or problems in the case as a result of this analysis. Seldom, a case will contain all the information you would like to have to conduct a full analysis. Hence, sometimes you may need to make a few assumptions. If you do so, you need to convince the reader that the assumptions are reasonable ones. You are not strictly confined to the facts presented in the case. You may conduct additional research for information about the company and the products/services outside the case to support your assertions. If you do so, please make sure to cite the sources and include them in a separate reference list at the end of your report. You may choose to include the sources as notes in the body of the report. Cite the sources as well as the year in which it is published in the body of your report (for example, Smith and John 2006).

Your group’s job is to identify the issue(s)/problems in the case and suggest possible alternative solutions, if any which can be implemented to address the issue(s). Your team needs to provide any global marketing theories or concepts, which may either clarify the issue(s) better or correct applications of these global marketing concepts may be helpful to resolves the issue(s) discussed. Your team must be prepared to thoroughly explore all possible factors which may influence your considerations of all issue(s) involved in the case.

Your team should suggest which alternative actions should be considered in order to address the issue(s). Pros and cons of each alternative should be discussed. A recommendation should be made as to which alternative is the best according to your team’s best judgment and the reason(s) why. An action plan must also be recommended, which must be specific in terms of its implementation. For instance, do not just say that your team feels that the firm should do more advertising. Instead, if you suggest that the firm or the organization should do more advertising, your implementation plan should include descriptions on how, where and if possible how much should the firm spend on this campaign. It would be great if you can produce an ad copy to illustrate how this ad campaign you are suggesting may look like.

The team will submit one written team report typed in double space using a 12 point font with proper page numbers. The normal professional standards for a written report are expected. You must pay attention to grammar and writing style, etc. No plagiarism will be tolerated. Be prepared to dress as professionally as reasonable for your oral presentation in class. Treat it as a presentation to the project manager or the president of the firm.

The length of your case report should be commensurate with the number and nature of issues involved. This will vary from case to case. You may include as many appendices including any of your team’s creative works as you wish. Include a cover page listing the names of students in the team and the title of your case report.

Your paper should include the following:
2. An Executive Summary providing a brief statement of the problems/issues in the case
and your suggested alternatives and implementation plans (one page or less)
3. A brief introduction about the company and the issues to be addressed in this case
4. Conduct an analysis of these issues and discuss all relevant global marketing
concepts which can be applied in this analysis
5. Discuss various alternative actions which can be taken to resolve the issues. Discuss
pros & cons of each alternative
6. Select the best alternative and explain clearly why your team thinks that this
alternative is the best
7. Provide a detailed plan for implementation of this alternative and how you may go
about evaluating the effectiveness of the plan after implementation
8. Include a list of references at the end of the report if any
9. Appendices if any
10. Your report must have page numbers
11. Leave 1” margin on all sides

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