Customer loyalty -Premier Inn Whitstable

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This is an Management Report for module called Service Management so I want someone specialised in Management to take this work please.

From this report after you are required to make an Power Point Presentation.

Also I will choose for you to speak about Premier Inn Hotel UK-Whitstable and I need you to do primary and secondary searches and include them in appendice and include graphs as well please and
also I want you to design an questionare which customers supposed to fill it in and attach it in the appendice and also in the an interview with the hotel manager should be included in the appendice-some questions provided for manager to answer how is that hotel in particular attracting customers,on what are they focused,what are theyr strategies,why are customers retun to them,etc…and also you need to compare with secondary researches and see if one is corespunding with eachother.You can look on tripadvisor for secodary as well but not mainly and suport every secodary data with literature please.

You are required to write a report profiling a service organisation of your choice Premier Inn Hotel in Whitstable.-Whitstable is the town where I live and I need you to do researches in this Premier Inn from this town. It needs to be a service dominated organisation – not a product organisation.!!!

The report needs to focus on a specific element of service which has been covered over the duration of the module. Emphasis should be on depth of analysis, rather than breadth.

The report needs to highlight the strong points of the operation, and identify the possible improvements to that operation in the spirit of continuous improvement. The expectations are for thoughtful and reflective insights with evidence of some critical analysis. The purpose of this project is to provide you with the opportunity to apply your service management knowledge by observing and analysing service business in ‘real time’.!!!!
You will need to visit-phone that business to observe its operations. Your visit will probably include a discussion with a service manager / deliverer (or owner) to obtain more in-depth information about the service. A copy of the interview transcript needs to be included within the appendices of the report. Additionally you are required to obtain primary research in the form of customer feedback, for example, via the use of questionnaires.!!!!!

Your task is to critically evaluate your observations, research and findings and discuss how improvements might be made to the service management and operation . Your views and arguments should be supported by reference to relevant theory and other sources of secondary data.

Your report should include (but not necessarily in the following order):-

• A summary of the type / nature of the service being provided and specific challenges or implication this has for management.

• An evaluation of the way in which the service is designed, delivered and evaluated.

• An evaluation of how the organisation markets itself.

• An analysis and evaluation of the employees used in the service organisation.

In your report you should aim to integrate appropriate service management concepts into the analysis of the service, including appropriate references to your reading. You may include appendices, provided that there is explicit reference to them in the body of the text.

The style should be that of a management report. !!!

Presentation of Group Report

A typical management report format would use the following headings:

Title page
Contents page
Introduction (approximately 200 words)
Findings (approximately 2600 words)
Conclusions and recommendations (approximately 400 words)
Bibliography (no word limit)
Appendices (no word limit)

The report should follow a logical report structure. All pages and appendices should be numbered.

Please note that quotes, diagrams, tables and appendices do not constitute part of the word allocation.


2. Group Presentation – 20% (1000 word equivalent)

Working in groups of three students (the same groups as per assignment one), prepare a 20 minute presentation on one of the following topics:-

How does your chosen service organisation manage its service quality?


How does your chosen service organisation manage customer evaluation prior to purchase?

This presentation will be based on your chosen organisation for assignment one.

You are free to choose 1 from these 2 titles/

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