Comparative studies

Research journals
Systematic reviews

Table 3: Findings
Databases searched Number of hits Studies relevant to the question Study designse.g. CINAHL 102 1 RCT
1 Cohort study
Identify which paper you have selected, why, and in which databases did it appear.

Critical appraisal and plan of implementation of findings: Part B

In Part B you will critically review the research paper you have identified, from your database searches, as the “best” to answer your question. You must use an appropriate checklist to help you – one designed for EBP. References for these will be provided. If, in your search, you have found a systematic review, which directly answers your question you may not use this for the critical analysis. You will need to choose another of the papers you found and critically appraise that instead.

Critical appraisal (about 700 words)
Your critique should be written in essay format and should address three main principles of critical appraisal:
What is the research design and was this appropriate?
What are the potential sources of bias?
What are the results and are these applicable for health promotion.
These three principles overarch critical appraisal for both qualitative and quantitative evidence. However, different study designs have different methodological characteristics therefore different critical appraisal checklists are available to help you go through the process.
You must choose an appropriate checklist for the study design of your selected paper and please reference this.
How could this findings be useful in promoting health.

Briefly reflect on the EBP process followed to develop your research review (about 100 words).
Reference List
Please use the Harvard system (author-date approach) for referencing

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