compare and contrast

(1) proper comparison / contrast structure (one similarity or difference per body paragraph, NOT one text per body paragraph),
(2) quotations that are properly integrated & cited in MLA format, and
(3) explanation of how the texts prove your point ( demonstration of how the two texts are similar/different in their use of the same theme).
1. Stagnation, or being void of activity, excitement, or interest (OED), was the typical feeling of American society between World War I and World War II. Hence, since literature reflects the culture that produces it, stagnation/inactivity was also a common theme used by authors throughout this period of American literature. Characters in T. S. Eliots J. Alfred Prufrock, William Faulkners A Rose for Emiliy, and F. Scott Fitzgeralds Babylon Revisited all suffer from some type of stagnation that affects their lives in different ways. While the characters of Prufrock, Emily, and Charlie all suffer from their plight, they are different in regards to (1) the type of stagnation they experience, (2) the cause of that stagnation, and (3) the results of the stagnation. Keeping these three points in mind, write an essay in which you compare and contrast two of the above characters lives of stagnation/inactivity.

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