Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird. Reading Responses

Reading Response 1.1 (To Kill a Mockingbird chs 1-4): Reread pages 3-5 of chapter 1 (the 1st 3 pages of the book). Who is the person who is speaking (narrating) here, and approximately how old is this person (this is actually a pretty tricky thing to figure out)? What allusions to or connections with slavery, or the Souths slavery system can you discover in the book’s first 8 paragraphs (hint: there are quite a number of them)?

Reading Response 7.1 (To Kill a Mockingbird ch 31-End): What do you think Scout means in Ch. 31, very near the end of the book, when she says Besides, nothings real scary except in books. Remember, she is claiming this shortly after the attack she and Jem had experienced earlier in the eveningwhich most people would consider to be real scary.

** Please make each reading response one page**

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