Conceptual Analysis 3

Please answer all of the following:
1- (Sowa) Pictures of concepts, subconcepts, or even complex ideas can be very helpful. For example, you can draft an essay as pages of diagrammed ideas. Sowa recommends conceptual graphs for diagramming concepts. You may like conceptual graph diagrams,
or you may use diagramming techniques of your own.
-Describe your favourite diagramming techniques, and show some good examples of how you would use the
2- (Hall) How should we do conceptual analysis of visual images? (Note the tendency of French intellectuals and semioticians to consider everything as
“text”: film, architecture, social behaviour, discourse. But “text” may be too restrictive and too narrow-minded as a metaphor.
-What do you think?
3- Please provide a summary of:
-Concepts of thermodynamic and administrative systems
Books for questions 1-2
-Hall, Sean. This means this and this means that: a user’s guide to semiotics,
2nd edition. (2012)
-Sowa, John. Conceptual structures. (1984)
Please use pictures/images/graphs/diagrams.
For the 3 question, I’m just looking for a general points/ideas NOT in depth research. Compare and contrast or point form whatever you feel right. Because I’ll do my own research later

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