ecology of commerce by Paul Hawken

I need it broken down by chapters, if you want to combine some of the chapters that is fine. Too include separate 10 questions(not in the paper itself) that arise from the book and somehow cater to one or some of these questions: 1 Examine one’s cultural heritage in the context of American multicultural society. 2 Analyze an aspect of American culture using an interdisciplinary approach. 3 Demonstrate the impact of individualism, or at least the belief in individualism, has had in shaping the American character. 4 Compare and contrast the conflict between individualism and community in American culture. 5 Examine the issue of how Hawaii is situated in the context of the American experience. 6 Appraise various value themes in American experience and articulate issues of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality as they relate to these value themes in a broad historical context

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