Pathogenicity islands and the genetic basis of virulence

1. Make an outline. Do this early, and put much effort into it. Then, use the outline entries as topic headings to organize your presentation.
2. Use figures and tables, and don’t neglect the figure legends. Adequately described figures can be just as useful as text, particularly when you are dealing with complicated material.
3. Aim for clarity, precision, and accuracy in delivery. Read the trade scientific journals (Nature and Science, e.g.) and Scientific American, and try to find current scientific issues in them that related to your topic. It is better for your presentation to be too short than loaded with a bunch of garbage at the end.
4. Never read the content of your slide. Use explained bulleted information. Make power point.
5. Make an outline.
6. Write a brief summary for your anticipated audience( conclusion ) in the last of presentation

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